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Review: The Longest Date by Cindy Chupack

Publisher's Synopsis:  After having endured enough emotional wreckage in her search for true love to fill a book (the New York Times bestseller The Between Boyfriends Book), two magazive columns, and five seasons of scripts for Sex and the City, Cindy Chupack finally, mercifully, at the age of thirty-eight, met the Perfect Man.
     He did not seem to Cindy like the Perfect Man.  Ian, with his bad-boy ways, struck her as someone whom she absolutely did  not want as a husband, but he soon proved his worth with wit, warmth, a series of spectacularly cooked meals, a marriage proposal made on a beautiful beach, the prospective groom perched heroically on a white stallion.
     Unable to resist the romance, Cindy married him and settled in contentedly for the long and gratifying happily ever after...or so she thought.  Being a wife, Cindy discovers soon enough, is not so different from being a girlfriend, only now you have a permanent houseguest.  Ian's endearing quirks became impossible-to-ignore and slightly irksome habits; what was once charming and adventurous now seems like recklessness (just why was he rappelling down the side of a building on a garden hose?); and his impossibly big heart has space enough for an impossibly big dog, a St. Bernard that looks, as Cindy realizes once it has taken possession of her home, "like a person in a dog suit."  And then there's all his stuff.
     The Longest Date is the wonderfully funny, and ultimately, deeply moving story of marriage, of the daily negotiations and accommodations about matters like cooking, holidays, space, money, and sex that every (newly or otherwise) wedded couple faces in the course of figuring out who they are together and where they are headed.  Cindy and Ian's own ongoing courtship takes a surprising turn when they start trying to have a baby-an endeavor that turns out to be far more complicated than they ever could have anticipated and that tests and strengthens their love for each other.
     The perfect companion for anyone navigating a marriage (or even contemplating one), The Longest Date marks the welcome return of one of our most gifted and captivating comic writers.

*An advance reader copy of this book was provided to me.

     I have a thing for smart, funny women who earned their success with their tenacity and fierce desire to succeed at what they do best.  I can now add Cindy Chupack to my list of lady crushes (which, by the way, does not include anyone with a 'K' in either or both their first or last names).  I love this book.  I'd love to say I wish I had written it-or something like it-first, but I never could have touched the heart of what makes a marriage the way Cindy does.  Plus, she's been to way more cooler places than I have.
     Let me begin by saying that I am a fan of marriage.  I have nothing against those who opt to cohabitate, but, in my humble opinion, there is something to be said for marriage.  It is the tie that binds.  Whether it's done privately or in the presence of family and friends, it's the declaration and affirmation that you will stand by that person and have faith that they will stand by you throughout-and even despite-all of life's ups, downs, and in-betweens.
    This book reads like having a conversation with a close girlfriend.  From looking for The One, to adjusting to "life as a wife", to embarking on the road to parenthood, Cindy gives readers a candid look at marriage.  I laughed out loud (or LOL'd-for any young folk who may read this), which I expected; and I cried-which I didn't.  Her tale is relatable in a way that is not preachy and it's minus the psycho-babble that seems to be present in books about relationships. 
     Here are a few of my favorites from the book:

     ~In the chapter, The First No No Noel, Chupack writes:  "And marriage, for better or worse, means you have a fulltime, live-in enabler.  That's one of my favorite aspects of marriage, actually-the fact that your partner in life can be your partner in crime.  Together, you can create new traditions, make your own rules, and break your own rules."  

     ~In the chapter, I Find My Husband Rappelling, Cindy discusses the aforementioned time her husband rappelled down the side of a building using a garden hose.  She also discusses her experience with Ping Pong in Patpong, Thailand.  See what I meant about Cindy having been to cooler places than I have?  I not only laughed throughout most of this chapter, I passed the book over to my husband so he could get a taste of the sport of Ping Pong in Thailand.  He's now added a trip to Thailand to our "Places to Visit" list.

     ~I don't know if I have the words to adequately express how deeply moved I was by the chapters Vow Now and Ian's Page.  It is here where Cindy lays bare the bones of marriage.  It is the raw exposure of the heart of their marriage.  It's the testament to endurance and healing and hope.  It's about how, at times, the only person who can truly know the depth of your soul is your spouse.

     Whether you are married, were married, or hope to someday be married, this book gives readers a witty and unfiltered glimpse at this most sacred institution.  This book is available today but there are also two copies offered in a giveaway hosted by yours truly, courtesy of the good people at Viking.  Details are on my blog. 

Cindy Chupack Tour Information;

January 6  B&N Upper West Side 7 PM  New York, NY

January 11  Book Soup 4PM  Los Angeles, CA

February 20  92nd St. Y 7 PM New York, NY In Conversation with Julia Sweeney
  *This one is just in time for my birthday!!

About the Author:
Cindy Chupack has won three Golden Globes and two Emmys for her work as a writer/producer of HBO's Sex and the City and ABC's Modern Family.  Several episodes she penned were individually nominated for Writers Guild and Emmy awards.  Chupack's other TV credits include Everybody Loves Raymond, Coach, and the hour-long romantic comedy anthology series she created for NBC, Love Bites (which can be viewed on  She has written about dating and relationships for many publications and had her own column in Glamour and O, The Oprah Magazine.  She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her St. Bernard, and'll just have to read the book.
Title: The Longest Date: Life as a Wife
Author:  Cindy Chupack
Publisher:  Viking
Publisher's Website:
Author's Website:
ISBN:  978-0-670-02553-4

Also available as an e-book and audiobook (read by the author) 








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